About The Narrow Gateway With Coach Toyin

Welcome to THE NARROW GATEWAY WITH COACH TOYIN. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the God-life that is only accessible to those who choose "the narrow way". I am Coach Toyin, a Christian Transformation & Lifestyle Coach, and it is my passion and calling to help you to discover, experience and manifest the life of God that we were created and saved to live. 

help you to do all the above using courses and programs that God inspired me to create, focusing specifically on:

- helping you identify and break free from areas of stubborn sin and brokenness in identity that have hindered your experience of the life of God

- helping you to identify and overcome stubborn disconnectedness from and disinterest in God

- helping you to make the life and lifestyle shifts needed to get established into a sustained fellowship and intimacy with God that shows itself in true manifestations of God

- helping you to live positioned to discern and walk in your God-given calling in every season of your life

- helping you understand and embrace the fullness of your salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, thereby establishing you in a real and lived experience of the divine nature which is now yours, and the life of God's kingdom.