Semester 3 - The 'Son'ship Immersion Program

Creation is earnestly awaiting the manifestation of the 'sons' of God! That includes you!

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Why this course?


The ‘SON’SHIP IMMERSION PROGRAM is a discipleship journey of deep and structured immersion into the glorious spiritual realities that you were created and saved to experience and manifest. Through this immersion, you will be:

- GROUNDED in the foundational pillars of faith in Christ, including in your identity and habitation in Christ, how to cultivate and sustain intimacy with God, and your understanding of the Kingdom of God to which you now belong

- EMPOWERED to overcome lingering traits of the old nature of sin and inner brokenness, and equipped with all you need to win against temptations, and

- POSITIONED to discover and supernaturally manifest God, His kingdom and His purposes to a lost world that He loves so dearly. You will also learn how to do all this in a practical way that is tangible, measurable and yet still spiritually effective.

Get ready; no one walks out of The 'Son'ship Immersion Program without getting transformed!


The Sonship Immersion Program is a 3-semester discipleship program, each semester spanning 8 - 12 weeks, depending on the duration of the composite courses per semester, and the amount of time you take per course. 


Module 4 – The Discern Your Purpose Program

Module 5 - The Ambassador's Prayer Posture 

The Discern Your Purpose Program is the course you need in order to get positioned to discern God's purpose for your life, and manifest it. This 6-week course is practical and Biblical, and through its God-centered approach to discovering your purpose, you will learn how to identify and interprete the signposts that God has planted throughout your life, to help you hear His voice seamlessly, discover His plans for the seasons your are in, and walk in them. The Discern Your Purpose Program is positioned to establish your ability to hear God clearly, such that you need never again be stuck and confused, wondering what God wants you to do or what His will for your life is, in a particular season.  

The Ambassdor's Prayer Posture is an amazing tool that demystifies the 'so what' of being a Christian, by unpacking what it really means to be an Ambassador for Christ, and positioning you to manifest Christ and His kingdom to the world every single day.

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