Finding Power For Your Platform (A Selah Bible Study)

Discover your God-given purpose and find power to manifest God and His purpose effectively no matter what you are doing, where you are or what your daily profession is.

Language: English

Instructors: Coach Toyin

Cost: $20

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Why this course?


'Finding Power For Your Platform' is a Module of the Selah Bible Study & Prayer Gathering, which is the Weekly bible study and prayer gathering of The Narrow Gateway Community. The term, Selah is generally understood to be an invitation to pause, ponder, meditate on God's word so that it is written in your heart, and during Selah, we focus on one sermon and spend 4 weeks in deep Bible study and prayer, to meditate on the learnings from that sermon.

'Finding Power for Your Platform' is a 4-session Selah Module that was anchored on a sermon taught by Dr Ferdinand Nweke, and in this Module, you will study questions like:

  • What is your purpose the moment you become a Christian?
  • How do you discover and fulfill your God-given purpose effectively?
  • How can a Christian 'serve' God from anywhere, any place and any profession, even outside the church, ministry or non-secular settings?
  • Why are many Christians not walking in their purpose and why do many Christians not know how to discover God's purpose for their lives?
  • How can your daily life count for the glory of God, no matter what you do for a living?
  • Clarifying misconceptions about serving God and whether you can only serve Him through non-secular activities

...and many more.

Course Content:

  • 4 Video sessions
  • 4 Study simple study guides (per session)


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