Toolkit to Help You Make “Praying Without Ceasing” a Lifestyle

Learn how to "never stop praying."

Language: English

Instructors: Coach Toyin

Cost: $30.00

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Why this course?


The Toolkit to Help You Make “Praying Without Ceasing” a Lifestyle is the product of a season that the Lord took the Course creator, Coach Toyin through few years ago, when He said, “When My Word says you should pray without ceasing, it is not meant figuratively. It is meant literally. It is possible to pray without ceasing, and I want to show you how."

This toolkit is power-packed with 5 tools to teach you how to develop and cultivate a lifestyle of praying without ceasing; a lifestyle that you need, if you want to access the mind of God continually, and manifest His will, agenda and power on a daily basis. Yes, you can train yourself to pray continually, and never stop, as the Bible instructs in 1 Thessalonians 5:19. Enroll for this Toolkit, and prepare to have every fiber of your being transformed by the power of a pray-ed up life.

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